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Frieske & Spark Ltd. consists of highly qualified in-house and freelance translators, interpreters, and proofreaders. Our team has a solid professional background in translation and interpretation, as well as hands-on business experience.

Our headquarters is located in Hong Kong, Asia’s international business hub. Situated by the Pearl River Delta, The Fragrant Harbor – as it’s called in Chinese – lies in close proximity to southern China’s major manufacturing centers: Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

At Frieske & Spark Ltd. we provide high quality translation, interpretation, and various business-related services for individuals as well as companies. We are based in Hong Kong, yet our services extend globally. We are ready to assist you around-the-clock.   

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Frieske & Spark specializes in translations to and from the Chinese language. We translate both simplified (Mainland China) and traditional characters (Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau).

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Rita Frieske




UNIVERSITY OF WARSAW                 M.A., Journalism and Social Communication, 2012 B.A., Chinese Studies, 2012

XI'AN JIAOTONG UNIVERSITY   Confucius Institute Scholarship, 2010-11

YUNNAN NORMAL UNIVERSITY Confucius Institute Scholarship,2012-13


  • Frieske, R., Kamasz, E. (2015). Masculinity representations in Poland and China. Panoptikum, 14 (21), pp. 124-135.




Anna Iskra




UNIVERSITY OF HONG KONG PhD Candidate, 2015-now

UNIVERSITY OF WARSAW M.A., Chinese Studies,2014 M.A. Ethnology,2012


  • “Discussions about „Pure Islam” among Muslim Kists from the Pankisi Gorge”, Pro Georgia Journal of Kartvelological Studies nr 22 yr. 2012, pp. 231-263.


Sworn Translator

Jakub Urbański




UNIVERSITY OF WARSAW M.A.,Chinese Studies M.A., Polish Studies