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Chinese and European Languages

Frieske & Spark is a translation company located in Hong Kong. We specialize at Chinese and European languages. 


We realize that time is a critical factor for our clients. This is why we make every effort to provide fast and efficient services, while faithfully rendering the original content into the target language. To guarantee the highest quality of service, every document is always proofread by a native speaker of the target language before being sent to the client. In order to make the content and style of the text coherent, our translators work with specialized CAT (computer-assisted translation) software.

In Frieske & Spark we offer you both regular and certified (sworn) translations. We do not charge extra fees for technical texts.


What is the difference between traditional and simplified characters? It is probably best to answer this question by referring to the geographical areas where the two types of characters areused. Simplified characters are the official script in Mainland China, while Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau use traditional characters. Does the type of script influence understanding of a text? To some extent, it does. Mainland Chinese usually struggle less with comprehending traditional characters than citizens ofTaiwan, Hong Kong or Macau do with reading simplified characters. The most reasonable choice is to select a version of Chinese script that is commonly used in the territory where your business is developing.


Thanks to our diverse network of translators from China and other countries, we are currently able to provide translation services between the following language pairs. Since the range of our services is constantly expanding, please do not hesitate to contact us if you cannot find a pair that interests you in the list below.


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Frieske & Spark specializes in translations to and from the Chinese language. We translate both simplified (Mainland China) and traditional characters (Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau).

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European Language Pairs and Chinese

Chinese - English

Chinese - Belarusian

Chinese - Bulgarian

Chinese -Czech

Chinese - French

Chinese - Georgian

Chinese - German

Chinese - Hungarian

Chinese - Italian

Chinese - Latvian

Chinese - Polish

Chinese - Portuguese

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Chinese - Slovak

Chinese - Spanish

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Chinese - Ukrainian

European Languages and English

English - Belarusian  

English - Bulgarian

English - Czech

English - Dutch

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English - Finnish

English - Georgian

English - German

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English - Icelandic

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English - Polish

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English - Slovak

English -Slovene

English - Spanish

English - Swedish

English - Turkish

English - Ukrainian


As a rule, a professional is able to translate up to 5 standard pages per day. This means that a short translation project can be finished within a single workday. Longer translations require proportionally more time. Our clients usually receive completed translations after 2 to 3 days.

Since we cooperate with multiple translators, we readily accept and quickly complete long translation projects (several dozens of pages and more). We make sure that both vocabulary and style used in the translation are coherent: first, by using CAT software, and second, because the final proofreading is carried out by a single native speaker of the target language.

If the time factor is of critical importance, we recommend express translations. Our consultant will inform you about the price when putting through the quotation.

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