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What makes Frieske & Spark different from most translation agencies is the fact that we specialize in translations to Chinese and European languages. We realize that time is a critical factor for our clients. This is why we make every effort to provide fast and efficient services, while faithfully rendering the original content into the target language. To guarantee the highest quality of service, every document is always proofread by a native speaker of the target language before being sent to the client. In order to make the content and style of the text coherent, our translators work with specialized CAT (computer-assisted translation) software.


Copywriting/copyediting. We offer writing marketing materials and websites content in Chinese, according to customers’ guidelines. That allows better and faster access to target groups on the Chinese market.

trade shows

Your business in China is our utmost priority. Our translators and interpreters have extensive experience working with Chinese companies and manufacturers. As a result, they are well-versed both in local industry jargon and local business culture. Frieske & Spark will help your company thrive in the Far East.


We provide high quality interpretation services for clients working in or traveling to China. At Frieske & Spark we offer different interpreting options depending on whether you need a conference interpreter, a person to assist during business negotiations, or a travel guide in China.

Market analsis

Our analytics provide quantitative and qualitative analysis of Chinese market based on Chinese language statistics, media and direct contact with Chinese companies.

Certified translation in Hong Kong

Frieske & Spark provides translation of legal documents accepted by banks, institutions and authorities of Hong Kong. We offer translation certification service for expatriates applying for work visas, permits, driving licences, marriage registration, opening bank accounts and similar related procedures in Hong Kong. 

Simultaneous interpreting

We offer simultaneous interpreting services carried out by experienced specialists. SI takes place in a soundproof booth and is carried out by a team of at least two interpreters (since this type of interpretation is the most demanding, interpreters should rotate every 30 minutes). The interpreter hears the words of the speaker through headphones and almost simultaneously restates them in the target language.

media analysis

For companies who want to evaluate results of their marketing campaigns we provide Chinese media analysis.

Organization Of Marketing Events

We organizeB2B meetings, trade booths, conferences and seminars across China.