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Frieske & Spark Ltd. consists of highly qualified in-house and freelance translators, interpreters, and proofreaders. Our team has a solid professional background in translation and interpretation, as well as hands-on business experience.

Our headquarters is located in Hong Kong, Asia’s international business hub. Situated by the Pearl River Delta, The Fragrant Harbor – as it’s called in Chinese – lies in close proximity to southern China’s major manufacturing centers: Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

At Frieske & Spark Ltd. we provide high quality translation, interpretation, and various business-related services for individuals as well as companies. We are based in Hong Kong, yet our services extend globally. We are ready to assist you around-the-clock.   

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Frieske & Spark specializes in translations to and from the Chinese language. We translate both simplified (Mainland China) and traditional characters (Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau).

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Rita Frieske




UNIVERSITY OF WARSAW                 M.A., Journalism and Social Communication, 2012 B.A., Chinese Studies, 2012

XI'AN JIAOTONG UNIVERSITY   Confucius Institute Scholarship, 2010-11

YUNNAN NORMAL UNIVERSITY Confucius Institute Scholarship,2012-13


  • Frieske, R., Kamasz, E. (2015). Masculinity representations in Poland and China. Panoptikum, 14 (21), pp. 124-135.




Anna Iskra




UNIVERSITY OF HONG KONG PhD Candidate, 2015-now

UNIVERSITY OF WARSAW M.A., Chinese Studies,2014 M.A. Ethnology,2012


  • “Discussions about „Pure Islam” among Muslim Kists from the Pankisi Gorge”, Pro Georgia Journal of Kartvelological Studies nr 22 yr. 2012, pp. 231-263.


Sworn Translator

Jakub Urbański

Graduate from Warsaw University and Capital Normal University of Beijing. Sworn translator with experience of cooperation with many Polish and Chinese companies and translation agencies. Teacher of Chinese as the foreign language who is fond of Chinese culture and history, author of several articles about China. 



UNIVERSITY OF WARSAW M.A.,Chinese Studies M.A., Polish Studies




Tracy Huang

Being a citizen of Shenzhen an international business hub, she is very familiar with local realities. Interested in English and travelling. Experienced in translation and proofreading. At Frieske & Spark in charge of Chinese customers and proofreading.